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Pacific Paintball LTD. • 857 West 3rd St. North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 1E3 • Tel: 604-307-7441
Pacific Paintball Ltd. originated in North Vancouver, British Columbia on January of 2003.
As a result of our high standards and quality of service, the continent's top ball maker, Nelson Paintballs, chose us to be their exclusive wholesale distributor for Canada. We are proud to carry their complete line of products as well as other manufacturer's such as paintballs, markers, masks, and specialty equipment.
Paintball began in 1981 after its principal creators Bob Gumsey, a sporting goods retailer; Hayes Noel, a stock broker; and Charles Gaines, a writer, were inspired by the adrenalin rush that Gaines said he felt when hunting big game in Africa. Coupling his tale with recollections of the 30's collectors film "The Most Dangerous Game" the trio conceived an idea that would combine these two instances into a viable sport.
Using Nelson Paintball Nel-Spot 007 markers, originally designed and used for marking trees and livestock with paint-ball projectiles, their first match had 12 players competing against each other in a game of capture the flag. Noteably, the winner captured all the flags without firing a single shot!
In 1982 the first dedicated "paint ball" field was opened by Caleb Strong in Rochester, NY, followed a year later by a the first National Survival Game championship with a $14,000 grand prize.
Since then, the game has exploded into a multimillion-dollar sport with manufactures such Crossman, Scott USA, and JT USA, to name a few, that have expanded their product lines into the paintball world.
Paintball tournaments now offer hundreds of thousands of dolllars in cash purses and prizes to winners of amateur and professional tournaments across North America, Europe, and Asia sponsored by such companies as Budweiser beer and Pepsi-Cola who recognize the growth potential this exciting sport has to offer.
Safety First
In paintball, safety is the name of the game. When playing paintball, players should always wear face and eye protection designed specifically for paintball. Players should wear goggles and face protective systems that are in accordance with ASTM (American Society of Testing and Measures).